Film Review: Galaxy Quest (1999)

Into the Dark - Video Vault Review: Galaxy Quest

I enjoyed this formulaic sci-fi parody more than I ever thought I could. The story basically pulls back the curtain to give us a glimpse of what it must be like for the cast of the original Star Trek series to live out their lives under the shadow of their alter egos. Tim Allen’s character is a doppelganger for William Shatner (smug, pompous, loveable) and Alan Rickman, as a Shakespearean actor trapped behind prosthetic head gear, is certainly informed by the much publicized lament of Leonard Nimoy… you know, the author of “I Am Not Spock.” While cutting the ribbon at an electronic store’s gala opening, Allen, Rickman, and the rest of their cast member/shipmates get recruited by real aliens to help defeat some lizard-like invaders in a galaxy far, far away.

Into the Dark - Video Vault Review: Galaxy Quest

Sarris, a Stan Winston Studios creation, shines in "Galaxy Quest."

In lesser hands, this flick could have been absolute garbage. But it isn’t! It’s very funny, very sweet, and highly entertaining. Fun supporting performances from Sigourney Weaver as a useless communications officer (Uhura?), Tony Shalhoub as a stoned Scotty, and Sam Rockwell as the nervous actor who plays the ‘red shirt’ officer — Trek lore tells us that’s the guy who is going to die before the first commercial break. You also get a solid score from the ever-under-appreciated David Newman and super-nifty makeup effects from the late Stan Winston.

Favorite joke: the teleporter crew’s reaction to a really bad beam-up involving an exploding pig-beast.

Rating: 4/5 ★★★★☆ 


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