Women In Horror Month 2012: Part 2


For a long time, horror has been a film genre mainly associated with men, but that perception has  been changing as more and more women identify themselves as fans. And as the number of female horror consumers has increased, so has the number of women creating horror content.

This podcast is the second in a series that discusses this change and the impact women have had, and are having, on the horror scene.  Join us in celebrating February as Women In Horror Month!
CAST INTO THE DARK – Women in Horror Discussion – Part 2 by into-the-dark

ThWomen in Horror Month - 2012e discussion panel includes contributing writers for Into The Dark, and the organizers of the Dark Carnival Film Festival (www.darkcarnivalfilmfest.com): Kirk Chastain, Arthur Cullipher, James Stroman, Scott Schirmer, Leya Taylor, Paul Belcastro, Kara Erdel, Nathan Erdel, Shane Beasley, and David Pruett.



About Arthur_C

Arthur Cullipher studied advanced effects make-up and prosthetics at the Joe Blasco school in Orlando, Florida. Arthur Cullipher is the founder of Clockwerk Pictures. He is a Dollmaker, Filmmaker, Actor, Writer, Special Effects Artist, Fire Performer, Philosopher, Magician and many other things for which there are not names. Arthur is also one of the principal organizers of the Dark Carnival Film Festival in Bloomington, Indiana. (www.darkcarnivalfilmfest.com)

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